Posted by: nikiyustis | August 24, 2007

Bumper sticker update

I had a gathering last night at my house. One guest’s car was sporting the symmetrical (one bumper sticker on each side of the plate) arrangement. It reminded me that I wanted to order the “Frisbee dog on board” sticker in Korean from Skyhoundz. I get all my my doggie disks there and the last time I looked, the site said the Korean bumper sticker was coming soon. As I mentioned, I ordered the Japanese one, but decided that the yellow and red color along with the fairly prominent Chinese style characters among the Japanese syllables could potentially garner some unwanted attention from the peace keepers–on a mission no doubt to keep the peace by interrupting my daily quehaceres because I was going a tiny bit fast with my commie bumper sticker. Anyway, the Korean bumper sticker apparently never came, so I’m back to Japanese or nothing. I don’t really speak any Japanese (except for watashi-wa sushi-ga tabetai, ‘I want to eat sushi’) but I have studied Korean and, with a dictionary, can reasonably make my way.

On an unrelated note, I don’t like the fact that the “save” button is bold and not the “publish” button.


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