Posted by: nikiyustis | August 24, 2007


Sure, there are oodles of goodies here on WordPress. But I’m disgusted to find that upon loading a new theme, my header picture, which was uploaded from my home computer is GONE. Gone, gone, gone, never to return (until I get back home). What are these people trying to do to me? I don’t get stressed out by important stuff, only by trifling matters that shouldn’t happen. And, it didn’t happen right away. No! It was insidious and tricksy. After I had been viewing my new theme, happy with the way things were going (but dismayed to find that organizing sidebars was not as easy as I would like), I navigated elsewhere and came back to find the stupid ugly header.  I had to go pick an innocuous theme to rid myself of the horrible picture that had taken over my once-beautiful blog. And how come I can’t change the ugly blue color of the tool bar?! Word Press, I hate you!


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