Posted by: nikiyustis | September 1, 2007

Liberals always say conservatives are stupid, and they are right

Friday at work I was cruising the smart conservative blogs. Like many, many things, smarts are relative. I’m always impressed by the prolific conservatives and notice that quite a few are also christian. Early biblical analysis and interpretation does, indeed, improve literacy (if not independent thinking).

To the point: a blog I unfortunately do not recall had a post comparing, or anyway claiming to compare, conservatives and liberals. Of course, nothing respectful was said about liberals, and one of the things that has washed ashore, stinking, in my brain was the comment about how conservatives believe the planet is meant to provide resources for people to use, while liberals believe we should protect the planet (with some derogatory comment on those who worship earth god(s/dess/es)) and that ultimately humans are a detriment.

Here is the stupidity: Liberals who aren’t committing suicide (many, to the collective conservative dismay) hardly propose to stop using natural resources, but just what kind of moron wouldn’t want to CONSERVE the resources we have with some amount of prudence for the health and well being of the children who inherit what we leave behind? Why cast crap at liberals for wanting to try to make things less toxic, less wasteful, less burdensome, less oppressive, more efficient, more compassionate?


I remember a song that went something like “I hope the Russians love their children too” from when I was 8 years old and learned about nuclear power and all the bombs pointing out of the ground of our country into the sky, and down on someone else’s bed. And I was quite sure that there were Russian families much like my own who disagreed with the government and powers that were. But I’m afraid I can’t say that about conservatives, who seem not to care if their grandkids are born with mercury pumping through their veins (if they even make it out alive). They mock the very word they choose to describe themselves.

Less government involvement is a principle conservatives shove up front, but when government and big business go hand in hand, just what is that called? Little-big government? When the health and well being of a community is the responsibility of the community, we love our neighbors, and we are generous. Is this not a christian principle? There needs to be some organization to help those in need.

And why do I have to wear my seatbelt if the dude on the Harley next to me doesn’t even have to wear a helmet? Not to mention the ground beef (stop eating so much of it!) he’ll turn into should he take a hit. Why can’t I accept my risk as I’d like? It’s a matter of personal freedom, and if I don’t wear my seatbelt, I’m not hurting anyone but perhaps myself, and that should be my choice. That’s government getting in my way–but insurance companies love it, because it lessens the chance they’ll have to pay out. Where there is big business, there is big government.

You might read the previous paragraph thinking–where could someone get off bitching about seat belts while telling me to eat less ground beef (not of the asphault-meets-biker variety)? Eating too much meat, especially red meat, especially corn-fed, wheezing-sickly-in-it’s-own-shit red meat, is bad for you. And, yes, eating something bad for you is your prerogative, but you are not just harming yourself. Unless you’re eating some lovingly-raised, grass-fed, well pastured cow, it is also bad for the environment. Don’t be stupid, it’s not just the gaseous odor from a thousand cows’ digestive tracks stoved up on corn, but think of the huge monoculture of sprayed GMO corn used to feed these pathetic creatures. Doesn’t it seem like a different tactic that wasn’t so nasty would be a good plan for your diet? How about the diets of your grandchildren? What will be left? Planning ahead is not for the weak-minded but needs done nonetheless.

Seriously, I feel bothered by tedium at this point; isn’t this stuff obvious? And this is just one tiny snapshot of why liberals always say conservatives are idiots.



  1. Right on!!!!!!!!

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