Posted by: nikiyustis | September 5, 2007

Take over the conservative party

So many people have written on the phenomenon of words loosing their meaning, or being altered unnaturally for political greed or power. What does ‘conserve’ mean and what has it meant? Words tend to morph over time as socio-historical context influences our interpretation of the the meaning. ‘Meat’ to me meant hot dogs; for my grandmother it most assuredly meant gutting something recently killed, cooking it, and eating it. Never cooked it as a kid, never saw it freshly killed or even in a remotely animal-like state. Now I don’t like eating it unless the animal was allowed a a humane and sustainable farm life.

My previous post is part of a recent inspiration I’ve had to hold up a sign downtown at rush hour with pictures and arrows pointing from disposable drink cups to reusable containers and saying, “How hard is it, really? We’ve got to be conservative, and I don’t mean like Bush.” Would it matter? I have to think it would. I recently bought another water bottle and am determined to use it only. If I don’t have it, it’s the water fountain or sink for me. Coffee cups–same thing. Takes two seconds to rinse, and most cafes will even rinse it for you if you’re the type to buy it out a lot.

I have to stuff envelopes now.


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