Posted by: nikiyustis | September 16, 2007

Head cold

The typically dramatic seasonal changes here in Iowa have made me sick again. Every fall as the leaves begin to turn, my tonsils swell, my sinuses fill, and my body aches. I didn’t vacuum, I didn’t mow the lawn, and I didn’t read any of my students’ papers today. I did the laundry, I swept and mopped the floors, and I took Helix and Kiefer to the park for some frisbee and ball action. The last of these efforts left me tired and cranky.

I uploaded a picture of the desert on my other blog to commemorate my recently deceased desert dog. Thinking of her made me certain that I had more photos of her somewhere, but I couldn’t find them. She was always elusive, preferring to go her own way. I guess the photos have gone theirs.

Troy made a spicy curry dinner, hoping to kill whatever bug has settled into my head. Admittedly, I feel somewhat better, but I still suspect my head could blow up, splattering runny snot all over the room. What a mess.



  1. I thought you had some of my tincture . . . .

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