Posted by: nikiyustis | September 17, 2007

My mom’s tincture

Cayenne peppers, garlic, everclear: steep for a moon or two and, YUM! There may even be other ingredients that I don’t know of, which, including the afore mentioned, make up a potent potion that will kill what ails you. You open the lid to this brew, and it may just kill you. It only takes a couple drops a few times a day, and you should be feeling better. When I’m sick, I put these helpful little drops into a couple ounces of orange juice and toss it back, quickly. Don’t use too much orange juice or you’ll spend a hellish eternity chugging it all down. The few drops make orange juice into a much more acidic beverage. Use orange juice though; nothing else will tone down the flavor of the tincture.

Mom always suspects that I’m not using it as I should, but I do. I mean, I am, starting this afternoon. 😮



  1. Don’t forget the echinacea, golden seal and vodka not everclear. That everclear will kill you! (it is good for fresh herbs though)

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