Posted by: nikiyustis | September 18, 2007


Interviews with native speakers present a great learning opportunity for the students. I often get wrapped up in textbooks and exercises and forget the value of face-to-face interactions in which the students actually have to extract information that can be synthesized and presented to classmates. Both my grammar and fluency classes will benefit from weekly interviews. For grammar we can ask native speakers to do grammaticallity judgements and explain when they think (if ever) they would use certain phrases. Fluency students should ask about teaching–what do native speakers think makes a good teacher? What is the best way for them to learn new material? Also, they may ask native speakers to give directions to and from familiar places downtown. Ask what they think constitutes ‘good’ directions versus ‘bad’ ones. They can ask for a few recommendations.

Recording: I need a good digital recorder that links to my computer. I can also record conversations for both grammar and fluency classes. I need to make more assignments using podcasts, too. They can pick out three elements (pronunication/word choice/grammar) and either discuss their reaction/analysis or ask questions about it. Take notes on anything they want to begin using in their own English, also anything new and unusual.


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