Posted by: nikiyustis | October 5, 2007


I just read some blogs that included music people were listening to and I started to get that nauseated feeling like being stuck in the back seat while someone is smoking and listening to loud, overplayed, unoriginal music. These blogs read like the FOX radio stations’ play lists. Classic rock, modern, alternative, it all has such similarities that I can hardly stand it. I used to love the Beatles, now I wince when one of their songs comes pouring out of some public audio device.

I don’t play my music loudly for the unsuspecting passerby. Once, someone complained about people who have music that automatically plays when you open the page, and I thought the complaint was a bit harsh. Not anymore. Music, especially tired, schmaltzy tunes, disrupts my thinking by adding uninvited structure. How can anyone be creative or original when they constantly take in so much redundant and disposable culture?


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